Yellow-Naped Amazon

The yellow-naped amazon (Amazona auropalliata) is an endangered amazon parrot.

Deforestation is reducing the number of these parrots in the wild, together with illegal removal of young for the pet trade. This parrot readily mimics sounds and in captivity this includes human speech, which is probably the reason it is popular in aviculture. Like all parrots, however, mimicking abilities vary greatly between individuals.

The yellow-naped amazon is distinguished by its green forehead and crown and a yellow band across the lower nape (back part of neck) and hindneck. The beak is dark gray and is paler towards the base of the upper mandible. The feet are also dark gray.

It is found along the Pacific Coast from southern Mexico south to northern Costa Rica.

Art's age is unknown but is an older bird, he belonged to his previous owner 20 plus years and when he passed away the family decided they could no longer care for him. Art has severe damage to both his feet, there is no information on how or why. Due to the damage to his feet, Art can no longer perch but had adapted very well to walking. Due to his special needs Art will be a forever member of the flock at For the Love of Birds Sanctuary.