Scarlet Macaw

The scarlet macaw (Ara macao) is a large red, yellow, and blue Central and South American parrot, a member of a large group of Neotropical parrots called macaws. It is native to humid evergreen forests of tropical Central and South America. Range extends from south-eastern Mexico to the Peruvian AmazonColombiaBoliviaVenezuela and Brazil in lowlands of 500 m (1,640 ft) (at least formerly) up to 1,000 m (3,281 ft). In some areas, it has suffered local extinctionbecause of habitat destruction or capture for the parrot trade, but in other areas it remains fairly common. Formerly it ranged north to southern Tamaulipas. It can still be found on the island of Coiba. It is the national bird of Honduras. Like its relative the blue-and-yellow macaw, scarlet macaws are popular birds in aviculture as a result of their striking plumage.

Dexter came into For the Love of Birds Sanctuary in December 2019. He one of two birds that the Facebook Fundraiser was for. Thank you again to everyone that donated. Dexter's exact age is unknown but believed to be between 10 & 12 years old.  He has suffered emotional trauma due to his original owner and eventually was given up. Dexter has been re-homed several times and each time it didn't work out. Dexter has developed a very close bond already to Charlie (a Green-Winged Macaw also in the sanctuary) and is so happy.