Goffin's Cockatoo

The Tanimbar corella (Cacatua goffiniana) also known as Goffin's cockatoo or Goffin's corella, is a species of cockatoo endemic to forests of YamdenaLarat and Selaruall islands in the Tanimbar Islands archipelago in Indonesia. The species has been introduced to the Kai Islands, Indonesia, Puerto Rico and Singapore. This species was only formally described in 2004, after it was discovered that the previous formal descriptions pertained to individuals of a different cockatoo species, the Ducorps' or Solomons cockatoo (Cacatua ducorpsii). Tanimbar corellas are the smallest of the white cockatoos. This species is Near Threatened due to deforestation and bird trade. The species breeds well in captivity and there is a large avicultural population.

Lola was surrendered and placed into the sanctuary in April of 2020. Her previous owner had placed Lola in foster care and situations in the foster home were less than desirable. It was decided that Lola would do better here at for the Love of Birds Sanctuary. She is such a sweet bird and starting to make friends with Lightning (another Goffin's Cockatoo that is in sanctuary)