Currently, no Lovebirds are nesting.


 Peach-Faced $209 each

Fischer's $219 each

Blue Masked $229 each


(yellow) $399 each

(green) $419 each

($200 non-refundable deposit for Parrotlets)

A $100 non-refundable deposit will hold a lovebird. 

Price includes DNA testing.

You can use the button below to place a deposit.

Please contact me beforehand to guarantee the lovebird you want is still available. If you do not contact BEFORE placing a deposit, you may not be able to get a baby as there are other people ahead waiting. Deposits are non refundable and WILL NOT be refunded under any circumstances.

Deposit -> 

100 - Parrotlet (yellow) - SOLD
101 - Parrotlet (green) - SOLD
102 - Parrotlet (green) - SOLD
150 - Peach Faced Lovebird - SOLD
DNA can be done to determine gender.
019 - SOLD
(Peach-face) DNA test done - female.
All gone
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