Military Macaw

The military macaw (Ara militaris) is a large parrot and a medium-sized macaw. Though considered vulnerable as a wild species, it is still commonly found in the pet trade industry. It is found in the forests of Mexico and South America. It gets its name from its predominantly green plumage resembling a military parade uniform.

Military macaws live in large flocks and can live about 50–60 years in the wild. They can often be heard long before they are seen. They are a very noisy bird making a variety of loud cracking and shrieking sounds, including a loud kraa-aak.

Oscar came to be mine in the summer of 2015. I was out running errands and happened to stop into a local bird store. He was tucked away in a smaller room at the back of the store. As I was talking with the store owner, we walked towards Oscar and he put his foot up to me telling me he wanted to step-up, so putting my arm out for him he immediately climbed up on my arm. The store owner was amazed, telling me how he had never done that with anyone in the year he'd been in the store. She said that he needs to go home with you, she actually let me work volunteer hours to pay him off, and eventually, Oscar came home with me. So Oscar isn't technically a rescue, but he and I rescued each other and I couldn't be happier about that. I've seen Oscar go from an unsure of himself bird to a confident and loving bird that I will treasure the rest of my life.