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I thought I'd introduce myself. I am Tim Colby. founder and owner of For the Love of Birds. My mother was a single parent raising me while she was in the Navy. Being able to travel so much I was exposed to many different cultures, people and places. I met my first parrot at Bush Gardens in Williamsburg Virginia. I got to hold a Blue & Gold Macaw and I was instantly hooked. What an absolutely beautiful creature. From then on I started researching everything I could on parrots and other birds, back when you actually had to go to a library to do your research. I've amassed many years of knowledge so I'm able to provide the needs of the parrots in my care.

Since moving to Denver almost 30 years ago, I've worked various management job but my heart just wasn't in it. I also worked and volunteered at a few of the bird stores in the Denver area. In my experience I just felt that some just saw birds as commodities and not loved as they should be. Eventually I started my home based breeding business called For the Love of Birds. I had plans of eventually opening a retail location but the increasingly high costs of leasing a location I decided against a retail location. My focus is on the wellbeing of the birds and being home based I can focus on the birds.

After becoming more and more known in the bird community people would ask me to take in their birds that they could no longer care for. That's where the sanctuary side of my business began. I do have a soft spot for the special needs birds, those deemed as "problem birds" or handicapped in anyway. When anyone purchases a hand fed baby from the birds bred (Cockatiels, Lovebirds, Budgies, English Budgies & Green Cheek Conures are the only birds I breed) here at For the Love of Birds that money is used to help with costs for the birds in sanctuary.

I know some don't agree that breeding and rescuing/providing sanctuary can not coexist but I do it and I know many others that do as well. When you have a love for birds as I do, I believe that love should be shared. I'm not about hate, I'm about love and that's why I named my business For the Love of Birds.

Thank you for taking time to read this.


I will be posting many more blogs as I have the time and will also be looking for blog contributors

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