Questions and Answers:

 Question: How old are the babies when they're able to go home?

Answer: Typically they're 7-8 weeks old when they are ready to go home. There is no exact time though. These are living creatures and each one is different.

Question: When was my baby hatched?

Answer: Your baby's hatch date will be on the sales contract and you will receive a copy.

Question: What are the babies weaned on?

Answer: I wean the babies on a diet of fresh chop, Roudybush pellets, and some seed.

Question: Are the babies able to eat on their own when I bring them home?

Answer: Yes. Before any bird goes home, I make sure it is eating on its own for a minimum of 5 days first.

Question: Where in the cage should I place the food and water?

Answer: I use bowls that I place on the bottom of the cages for the adult breeders and the babies. It's more natural for a bird to look for food & water on the ground. So placing the food & water dishes on the bottom is where a baby is going to look for its food & water. 

Question: Is the deposit part of the purchase price?

Answer: Yes it is. Once a deposit is placed, the remaining balance is due before taking the baby home.

Question: How can I make a deposit?

Answer: Deposits can be made on my website for your convenience.

Question: How do I pay the balance?

Answer: When you pick up your baby the remaining balance can be paid in cash or by credit card.

Question: Do you take checks?

Answer: No, I do not take checks. 

Question: When I come to pick up my baby, do I need to bring a carrier?

Answer: If you have an appropriate travel carrier for your baby, great bring it along. If you don't that's fine because I do have the cardboard take-home pet boxes.

Question: Do you offer any health guarantee?

Answer: Yes I do. The health guarantee is fully stated on the sales contract that you fill out and sign when picking up your baby. I also include a coupon for a complimentary health exam at Goldenview Veterinary Hospital.

Question: Is my baby a boy or a girl?

Answer: All babies will come with a DNA testing certificate stating gender.

Question: Do the babies talk?

Answer: No they do not. The babies are too young when you take them home to have learned any talking abilities yet.

Question: Do you clip the baby's wings?

Answer: No I do not. But if you do prefer clipping, I can do that at the time you pick up your baby. I will absolutely never clip the wings of any baby until it has fledged and learned how to fly.

Question: Can I buy one of the adult breeders?

Answer: Simple answer, absolutely not.

Question: Can I come to see the breeders in their aviary?

Answer: Sorry. but no. The breeding aviaries are off-limits to the public.

Question: When will you have more eggs?

Answer: This is 100% up to the parent birds themselves and is totally out of my control. I can encourage, of course, setting the optimal conditions for them to mate and lay eggs, but in the end, it's the birds that decide this matter.

Question: Do you breed Macaws, Amazons, African Greys, or any large birds?

Answer: No I do not. I only breed the birds listed on this website. 

Question: Do you breed parrots?

Answer: Yes. All the birds I do breed (Cockatiels, English Budgies, Budgies, Green Cheek Conures & Lovebirds) are in the parrot family.

Question: What is that metal ring on my baby's leg?

Answer: It is a leg band used for the identification of each bird. Leg bands are required for the sale or transfer of all parrots in the state of Colorado.

Question: Can the leg band be removed?

Answer: Yes, but I do not recommend it. The leg band is the only way you have to prove a bird is yours if it should ever be lost or stolen. There are some cases where it is necessary for the leg band to be removed. If so, I recommend having your birds microchipped (yes birds can be microchipped) by an avian veterinarian.

Question: Is my deposit refundable?

Answer: No, deposits are non-refundable.

Question: If I don't want a baby from what is currently available, can my deposit be used on a future clutch

Answer: Absolutely.