For the Love of Birds Sanctuary takes in rescues, birds that are handicapped, special needs, or even considered "problem birds" to be placed in sanctuary to live out the remainder of their lives in a stable environment.

The birds that are placed in the sanctuary are not up for adoption.

All birds live in a cage-free environment whenever possible, receive excellent avian veterinarian care and healthy diets consisting mainly of fresh fruits & vegetables, sprouted seeds & legumes, pellets & in-shell, or shelled nuts depending on the need of the bird. And toys of all sorts to provide the stimulation a bird needs. 

If you would like to make a donation to help support the many birds at For the Love of Birds Sanctuary, use the Donate button.

Thank you

Below is the Instagram feed For the Love of Birds Sanctuary for you to enjoy. The birds shown on the Instagram feed are NOT available for adoption or sale.  Thank you.

Make a donation directly to the veterinary hospital that provides the care for these birds. 

Goldenview Veterinary Hospital

885 Lupine St.

Golden, CO 80401

(303) 279-9182

All you need to do is call them at the number above and tell them you would like to make a donation to For the Love of Birds Sanctuary account.  

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