Blue-Throated Macaw

The blue-throated macaw (Ara glaucogularis; previously Ara caninde), also known as the Caninde macaw or Wagler's macaw, is a macawendemic to a small area of north-central Bolivia, known as Los Llanos de Moxos. In 2014 this species was designated by law as a natural patrimony of Bolivia, where it is known as barba azul, which means 'blue beard' in Spanish. Recent population and range estimates suggest that about 350–400 individuals remain in the wild. The main cause of their demise is capture for the pet trade. It is currently considered critically endangered and the parrot is protected by trading prohibitions.

I met Sunny around 2 years before he came to live with the flock at For the Love of Birds at the beginning of 2019. Sunny is around 19 years old and his owner had him 15 of those years. Sunny can not and never will fly, it is believed that his wings were broken to prevent flight buy his original owners. He's also has a big mistrust of humans, men, in particular, thankfully he's done wonders in overcoming his trust issues. 

On 10/21/2019 Sunny had a seizure and fell about 5 feet. He was rushed to the vet immediately and found out the fall caused swelling in his spinal cord. Thankfully this amazing bird is still with us and healing. Sunny will require further testing once healed to hopefully find the cause of the seizure and if he needs to be medicated to reduce the chance of having any more.

There are pictures of his process on the Facebook page (link on the main Sanctuary page.) If you would like to donate to help with Sunny's future medical bills there is a donation button on the Sanctuary page.