Congo African Grey

The grey parrot is native to equatorial Africa, including AngolaCameroon, the CongoGabonIvory CoastGhanaKenya, and Uganda. The species is found inside a range from Kenya to the eastern part of the Ivory Coast.[7][8] Current estimates for the global population are uncertain and range from 630,000 to 13 million birds. Populations are decreasing worldwide.[8] The species seems to favor dense forests, but can also be found at forest edges and in more open vegetation types, such as gallery and savanna forests.[1]

A population study published in 2015 found that the species had been "virtually eliminated" from Ghana with numbers declining 90 to 99% since 1992.[9] They were found in only 10 of 42 forested areas, and three roosts that once held 700–1200 birds each, now had only 18 in total. Local people mainly blamed the pet trade and the felling of timber for the decline.[10] Populations are thought to be stable in Cameroon. In the Congo an estimated 15,000 are taken every year for the pet trade, from the eastern part of the country, although the annual quota is stated to be 5,000.[10]

The grey parrot has escaped or been deliberately released into Florida, USA, but no evidence indicates that the population is breeding naturally.[11]

Tango came into the sanctuary in November of 2020, along with his cage mate Kodi. Tango was an older Congo African Grey (exact age was unknown) and was a plucker as you can tell. He was doing great at re-growing his feathers back with minimal plucking. Tango was a very special bird and had learned to trust in humans again. Towards the end, Tango was not eating much and was starting to get picked on by his cage mate, so he was separated. On Monday, October 11th, Tango was in the kitchen with me as I was making chop. I would offer him bites to nibble on and he just wasn't interested in eating as usual and I could tell my time with Tango was coming to an end. Approximately around midnight, Tango went into a seizure, and within moments he passed away in my hands.
I'll miss you Tango, you sweet but cranky old man.